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Phil (hugs Cam with a friendly smile on his face) — Hey Cam! Good to see you, it’s been a while!

Cam (offers a weak smile back) — Morning, Phil! Wish I could say the same.

Phil — Oh? Why so glum?

Cam — Work’s been a nightmare lately!

Phil (raises an eyebrow) — That’s not like you, Cam. You always seem to have things under control. What’s going on?

Cam (sighs running a hand through his hair) — We’ve been losing a ton of customers lately. It’s killing me!

Phil (leans in, concern etched on his face) — Losing customers? But Cam, you run the customer experience department and that does not mean well for you!

Cam (throws his hands up in exasperation) — You think I don’t know!

But here’s the problem:

Customers file disputes, and then they hear nothing. We have no way to easily keep them updated on the progress. Everything’s manual — calls, emails, paperwork. It’s a mess!

“Manual?” Phil echoes, surprised. “Seriously, Cam? Don’t know how much trouble that is?

Cam (in a frustrated tone) — You think I don’t? If you want, I list it out too-

  • Bad customer experience leads to loss of customers.
  • Loss of customers leads to reputational damage.
  • Moreover, there is a chance of customers suing the organization due to our negligence.
  • Above all, the Card Network will penalize the institution if a more invalid chargeback is filed!

Happy now?

Phil — When you have all this, then why won’t you and the guys at the bank use UDM- an Automated Platform for Dispute Management?

Cam stares at him, mouth agape. “Automated?”Dispute management platform?”

Cam was awestruck and asked Phil to elaborate more on the communication part as he was a customer experience manager!

Phil — Well, in a nutshell,

UDM manages the entire chargeback process and keeps the customer informed at necessary stages.

There will be no more silence from your side and no more frustration for the customer!

Cam — How is that even possible? How does that happen?

Phil — It’s done through its unique feature named “Correspondence”

Cam leans forward, and says “Tell me more”

Now, let’s get started right from incoming complaints. When a customer lodges a payment dispute through your bank’s mobile banking, IVR, email, or walk-in, the usual procedure is to make the customer repeat the process until the call or visit goes through.

But in UDM, the customer’s dispute is easily collected via a direct or assisted manner based on the action taken by the customer.

Once the details are captured, UDM automatically sends an acknowledgment that confirms receipt of the complaint and provides an estimated resolution timeframe.

Illustration of Dispute Acknowledgment to the Customer

Cam: And if that dispute turns out to be invalid?

Phil: Well, UDM’s got you covered. Once the dispute comes in, UDM will automatically analyze the details entered to assign the right reason code. While doing so, if the details do not match any of the conditions, UDM will immediately trigger a communique informing the customer that the dispute is invalid outlining the reasons, and cannot proceed further

Cam: Well, that’s a relief, now how will I get the evidence from the customer?

Phil: First of all, Cam, it is called Supporting Documents not evidence per se. As I told you before, UDM assigns the right reason code and specifies the supporting documents needed for chargeback filing.

So, as and when it is needed, UDM will send a communication requesting the same from the customer. If no documents are necessary, the UDM directly forwards the dispute to the card network.

Illustration of Supporting Document Request from the Customer

Cam: All this happens through email, is it?

Phil: Not just email Cam, UDM can send all of this through email, chat, or text! Likewise, so for every stage, which I will detail below!

Card Network Decision and Customer Update:

  • The card network evaluates the dispute, considering information from both the issuer and the acquirer.
  • Once a decision is reached, the card network informs the issuer.
  • The UDM then sends a final acknowledgment to the customer based on the outcome:

Dispute Resolved in Favor of Customer:

  • If a provisional credit was not issued beforehand, the message informs the customer of a successful resolution and the amount to be credited.
  • If a provisional credit was already provided, the message confirms the dispute resolution and that the credit remains in place.

Dispute Not Resolved in Favor of Customer:

  • The message explains the rejection of the dispute and the reason behind it. Additionally, it clarifies that no credit will be issued.

Illustration of Dispute Resolution Acknowledgment to the Customer (taken the scenario of dispute resolved in favor of Customer)

So, on the Customer Experience side, UDM offers you the following advantages that will keep you and your customers very happy.

  • The automated communication flow keeps customers informed throughout the process.
  • Acknowledgment messages set expectations and improve customer experience.
  • Clear explanations for dispute outcomes promote transparency.

And your bank gets to offer a 360° digital transformation experience that not only relates to payments but to disputes as well.

Cam: So, how do I get UDM?

Phil: Oh, that’s the easy part, just get in touch with the Backspace Tech team. UDM is their product. You can contact them here.

Cam: Gee, Phil! I always get the best recommendations from you. I will be sure to get in touch with the Backspace Team. After all, the Customer is always the King and I’ll do anything to keep the king happy. Bye

Phil: Ciao, Cam!



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